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BDL Transition

BDL Transition is a hedged European equity fund carrying the SRI label

  • Sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV, BDLCM Funds
  • Long only hedged European equity fund
  • UCITS V status
  • Fundamental approach
  • Eligible for life insurance
  • Custodian: CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
  • Net Asset Value: daily
  • Order placement: with CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch before 2 pm
ESG documents

Why Transition ?

Our world has advanced more in the last century than in hundreds of millennia before that. This unprecedented level of development raises new challenges for the next 50 years. The companies that come out at the top will be those able to anticipate and adapt to new practices. This transition towards a new mentality, and more responsible culture, offers big opportunities.

Our investment strategy

This long-term fund covered by European equities excludes the companies in tobacco and the companies with a turnover of more than 30% in armaments from the outset. It also turns away from certain companies that do not comply with the ESG criteria for extra-financial criteria. The approach is nonetheless evolutive, seeking to have an impact on certain companies, particularly with proposals for improving ESG practice. The long-term hedge allows us, in times of decline, to limit the capital loss of our customers and fits perfectly into our responsible investment approach.

BDL Transition can call on the whole of the BDL Capital Management team. The 11 analysts have in-depth knowledge of their sectors and, over the years, have developed special relationships with businesses. This is a key aspect of our fund management, improving the quality of our research.

The responsible approach as a performance driver:

ESG criteria sit alongside various risk factors such as industry and financial analysis. The incorporation of ESG criteria means that specific risks attached to certain companies can be managed. If, for example, companies become less financially transparent, the risk to our investments increases. When environmental liabilities or social problems arise, the enterprise value for shareholders decreases. Enlightened governance is the cornerstone on which a company’s success is built. This is how the best social and environmental practices are adopted and applied throughout the company. Our review of these criteria and measurement of the impact made depend on our internal ESG rating: QIRA.

Past performance is no indication of future performance and will vary over time.
Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss. For more information on risks to which the funds are exposed, please refer to the funds’ KIIDs, available on request or on the BDL Capital Management website.

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