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In the short term, our performance reflects price fluctuations on the stock exchange. In the long run, they depend on changes in the value of the companies that we select. As companies grow according to long-term strategic plans, we analyse our performance over periods of five years or more.

Past performance is no indication of future performance and will vary over time.
Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss. For more information on risks to which the funds are exposed, please refer to the funds’ KIIDs, available on request or on the BDL Capital Management website.


Understand a company's business model, why it is profitable and what are the growth drivers. Incorporate ESG analysis to assess long term sustainability and ensure that the company's environmental policy is ambituous enough to deal with climate changes. Our funds BDL Rempart and BDL Convictions invest that way

BDL Rempart




BDL Convictions





Use objectivity and the power of quantitative analysis to consider numerous fundamental and technical criteria in our selection. Understand the market and sectoral biases affecting our selection so that we can systematically reduce them when building the portfolio. Our Durandal fund is based on this investment method.






The SRI label has been created by the French Finance Ministry to increase the visibility of SRI products. We look for companies that invest to strengthen their long term sustainability through improving their environmental and social practices. Our fund BDL Transition has the SRI label and invests using these principles.

BDL Transition




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