BDL Rempart

The Rempart Strategy has a single aim: make money carefully.

Characteristics :
  • Long short strategy
  • European, Switzerland and Norway's equities
  • Fundamental approach
Rempart Strategy Fund:
  • BDL Rempart Europe FCP
  • BDLCM Funds Rempart SICAV
  • UCITS V status
  • Eligible for life insurance
Subscription / redemptions of the BDL Rempart Europe fund:
  • Custodian: CACEIS Bank
  • Net Asset Value: weekly
  • Order placement: with CACEIS Bank
    until 14:00 the day before the settlement of the net asset value (Wednesday or the day before in case of closing of markets and/or statutory holiday in France as well as the last working day of the calendar year)
Order placement for the BDLCM FUNDS Rempart SICAV:
  • Custodian: CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
  • Net Asset Value: weekly
  • Order placement:  with CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch Tuesday before 11:00


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Source: BDL Capital Management.

Past performance is no indication of future performance and will vary over time.
Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss. For more information on risks to which the funds are exposed, please refer to the funds’ KIIDs, available on request or on the BDL Capital Management website.

Why Rempart?

Our historic fund takes its name from the castle analogy. A good company is an impenetrable fortress, protected from its rivals by strong defences. BDL Rempart Europe seeks to buy this type of company at the right price, and sell those whose weakness makes them look more like sandcastles.

Since its inception in 2005, on the 32 occasions when the market has fallen by more than 5%, the BDL Rempart Europe fund’s losses have on average been 85% smaller. Our daily goal is to make BDL Rempart Europe a fortress that can withstand attacks.

Our investment strategy

BDL Rempart Europe has an absolute return objective. The fund does not seek to track or replicate the performance of an index. The investment strategy consists of building a portfolio with long and short equity positions.

The goal of BDL Capital Management is to make money carefully. The short book reduces losses when equity markets fall.

The portfolio is concentrated on our best ideas: between 50 and 90 investments, on average. Its net exposure (long book minus short book) can vary between -20% and +100%.

Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss.

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