Durandal is managed directly according to a systematic, quantitative approach , aimed at building a long/short equity portfolio with little market exposure


Performance YTD, Durandal – B 

  • Sub-fund of the Luxembourg SICAV, BDLCM Funds
  • UCITS V status
  • Quantamental approach
  • Long/Short strategy
  • Invested in European equities of OECD countries
  • Eligible for life insurance
  • Custodian: CACEIS Bank, Luxembourg Branch
  • Net Asset Value: weekly. The valuation frequency The valuation frequency of the sub-fund becomes daily from 1st March 2021.For more information, please refer to the prospectus.
  • usually until 2 pm on Thursday (or any day before the day on which the net asset value is established)

Why Durandal?

Our quantamental fund takes its name from the legendary sword of Roland, which means “enduring”. Through a systematic, quantitative approach to stock selection and risk management we construct a balanced portfolio having no correlation to share indices, so as to manage your savings in periods of heavy stress on equity markets, while growing these savings over the long term.

Our investment strategy


Durandal targets an absolute return with limited volatility and little correlation to European share indices. The strategy aims to build a large stock portfolio by combining long and short positions with low net exposure and low sector exposure.

The stock selection process is systematic and quantitative. It relies on an analysis of companies’ fundamentals (balance sheet, P&L, etc.) and technical factors that could affect prices (passive fund flows, volatility, etc.). The business cycle is also analysed quantitatively when constructing the portfolio to optimise stock selection and reduce risks.

The portfolio is highly diversified and contains between 50 and 250 investments. Its net exposure (long minus short) can vary between -10% and +50%. 


Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Source: BDL Capital Management.

Past performance is no indication of future performance and will vary over time.
Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss. For more information on risks to which the funds are exposed, please refer to the funds’ KIIDs, available on request or on the BDL Capital Management website.

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