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BDL Capital Management is an independent investment management company founded in 2005.

For the past 15 years, we have been managing the savings of institutional clients (insurance and mutual insurance companies, pension funds, etc.), private banks and wealth management advisors.

Investment in European equities is where we excel; our in-depth company analysis is how we stand out.

With 11 analysts and industry experts, we have one of the most extensive teams in Europe.

We manage 2 billions euros across three strategies: :

  • Fundamental and ESG management, across BDL Rempart and BDL Convictions– two funds that go back more than 10 years.
  • Quantamental management through Durandal.
  • SRI management with our fund BDL Transition, launched in 2019.

 Our team

27 collaborators share the same passion: to invest in listed European companies

We invest nearly €2 billion on behalf of institutional clients (insurance and mutual insurance companies, pension funds, etc.), private banks, independent financial advisors, and retail investors.

To understand these companies and their business models, each day  our 8 analysts study their annual reports, meet their management teams, and visit their production facilities.

15 people are responsible for investments. Six work in customer service, and ten ensure that BDL runs smoothly each day.

ESG and Fundamental Management

Hughes Beuzelin

After graduating from ISG in 1995, Hughes worked for Williams de Broë and Crédit Suisse First Boston in London. He then moved to Paris in 2000, joining Morgan Stanley where he met Thierry Dupont. In 2002, Hughes founded Boomerang Asset Management, a French company managing the Novalis Europe fund (November 2002-April 2004). While there, he recruited Bastien Bernus. He sold this company in 2004 and created BDL Capital Management, where he manages BDL Rempart which in 2005 became the first fund with Aria (simplified investment rule) status and now has a track record of more than 14 years. He also manages BDL Convictions launched in 2008.

Bastien Bernus

Employee since 2005

A graduate of the MBA Institute, where he specialised in Corporate and Market Finance at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, Bastien played an active role in the launch of Boomerang Asset Management in Paris in 2002. At the time, he was an assistant fund manager working for Hughes Beuzelin. In 2005 he joined BDL Capital Management, contributing extensively to the company’s development in his role as financial analyst. He has been co-manager of the BDL Rempart Europe and BDL Convictions funds since July 2008, covering the business services, hotels, transport and leisure sectors. BDL Rempart and BDL Convictions and covers the business services, hotels, transport and leisure sectors.

Jean Duchein

Employee since 2006

A graduate of EDHEC in 1999, Jean began his career at Arthur Andersen in Paris. He then joined the Corporate Finance team of the company, now Ernst & Young Transaction Advisory Services, to take charge of financial due diligence assignments with European LBO funds (large and mid-cap) and financial and operational restructurings with underperforming companies. In 2006, Jean joined BDL Capital Management as a financial analyst specializing in the public service, automotive, construction and industrial sectors. He manages the BDL Transition Fund. BDL Transition.

Laurent Chaudeurge

Employee since 2018

A graduate of ESCP and CFA charter holder, Laurent began his career at Goldman Sachs in London in 1999. He then joined Morgan Stanley in Paris where he met Hughes Beuzelin and Thierry Dupont. In 2009, he moved to Exane to sit as a member of the executive committee and work as Head of Sales for Exane BNP Paribas. He arrived at BDL Capital Management in November 2018, where he is in charge of BDL's ESG policy and co-manager of BDL Transition.

Aymeric Mellet

Employee since 2016

A graduate of Ecole Polytechnique, Aymeric worked on the media and public real estate investment sectors at the Ministry of the Economy and Finance. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2006 to work alongside Jean Duchein, covering the utilities, automotive, construction and industrial sectors.

Paul de Branche

Employee since 2016

A graduate of HEC Paris, Paul worked as a strategy consultant at OC&C. He then joined BDL Capital Management in 2016 to cover the Technologies, Media and Telecoms sector.

Vincent Maulay

Employee since 2020

Vincent is an engineer from Télécom SudParis. He has done a Master in Strategy and Finance at HEC Paris and got the certification (CIIA) from the French financial analyst association (SFAF). He worked as an analyst at ODDO BHF for 14 years, covering Telecoms and IT Hardware, on top of an experience of head of IR with Altice. He joined the Technologies, Media and Telecoms sector team at BDL in 2020.

Alexandre Marie

Employee since 2014

A graduate of ENSAM, Alexandre completed a Masters degree in Corporate Strategy and Finance at HEC. He worked as an Oil & Gas analyst at Exane for seven years. He joined BDL Capital Management at the beginning of 2014 to follow the oil services industry.

Thomas Bauzon

Employee since 2019

A graduate of ESCP Business School, with a bachelor in Statistics from La Sapienza, Rome, Thomas did internships at Edmond de Rothschild in Paris and at PIMCO in London. He then joined BDL Capital Management in 2019, to develop the ESG integration and to cover the Health Care sector.

Quantitative management

Maxime Hayot

Employee since 2012

Engineer from Telecom Bretagne, with a "Master of Science" in Financial Mathematics from Oxford University, Maxime worked as a Quantitative Credit Analyst at Crédit Agricole-CIB and structured products sales analyst at Credit Suisse in London. In 2012, he joined BDL Capital Management to take charge of cash management and the development of hedging strategies. He has held the position of manager of an internal fund since June 2013 and has managed the Durandal fund since its creation.

Romain Mayer

Employee since 2015

A graduate of HEC Lausanne, Romain completed traineeships in competition analysis at Mobistar and management control at Pentair. He then taught at the University of Lausanne. He joined the BDL Capital Management team in 2015 to help with risk modelling and portfolio optimisation. He is a quantitative analyst and also in charge of development in Switzerland.

Photo entreprise Florian Perocheau
Florian Pérocheau

Employee since 2020

An ESEO engineer who also graduated from Audencia Business School in corporate finance, Florian completed his studies with an internship as a quantitative analyst at BDL Capital Management. He joined the quantitative management team for the Durandal fund in September 2020. He works in particular on data infrastructure and portfolio construction.


Thibault Wehbe

Employee since 2013

A graduate of Supélec, Thibault worked as an equity and fund derivative market maker at Société Générale in Paris and UBS Investment Bank in London. He joined the BDL Capital Management team in 2013 as head of trading and execution.

Thibault Thuaire

Employee since 2013

Holding a degree in Risk Management and Quantitative Finance from ENSAE Dauphine, Thibault also graduated from EISTI as an engineer in IT and mathematics. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2013, working with Thibault on trading and execution.

Investor Relations, Marketing and Communication

Thierry Dupont

A graduate of ESCP (1984) and the European Federation of Financial Analysts, Thierry worked at Pechiney in Singapore, then Elf Atochem in Paris. In 1989, he joined the family trading company Dupont-Denant, later renamed Natexis Capital. He then worked at Morgan Stanley where he met Hughes Beuzelin. He founded BDL Capital Management in 2005. Thierry contributed to MEDEF’s work on hedge funds, and represents BDL Capital Management at the AFII prospects club.

Victorien de Gastines

Employee since 2007

Victorien holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the Catholic University of Lille, and is a graduate of Audencia Nantes. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2007 to develop funds alongside Thierry Dupont.

Camille de Labeau

Employee since 2016

Camille holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Management and English from the University of Nanterre Paris X, and is a graduate of Audencia Nantes. She joined the BDL Capital Management development team in 2016.

Flavien Del Pino

Employee since 2019

A graduate of Neoma Business School, Flavien completed sell-side and fund management internships before joining Exane BNP Paribas in 2012. After spells with the sales team in New York and research department in London, he spent five years selling equities in Paris, looking after clients in France and the Benelux countries. He joined the BDL Capital Management development team in 2019.

Collaborateur Sales chez Bdl Capital Management
Baptiste Andrieu

Graduate of the "ICN Business School", Baptiste did a first internship in finance in Luxembourg, then a final internship at BDL Capital Management. In December 2020, he joined the development team to take care of the wealth management clientele.

Risk control, information systems and middle office

Stanislas Perney

Employee since 2013

A graduate of Supélec, Stanislas started his career in 2010 as a consultant at Murex. He joined the BDL Capital Management team in 2013 as a risk manager, gaining FRM certification in 2015.

Jean-Baptiste Beuzelin

Employee since 2019

Graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Douai in Information and Communication Systems Engineering, Jean-Baptiste has worked as a full stack freelance developer. He joins BDL Capital Management in 2019 to expand the IT team.

Nicolas Menettrier

Employee since 2021

Graduated from EPITECH Paris as an IT expert, Nicolas started working as a full stack developer at Veepee in the research and development department. He then worked at Vitalliance where he was involved in the redesign of the company's ERP. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2021 as a developer.

Administration, Finance, Legal and Compliance

Charles-Antoine de Reynal

Employee since 2020

A graduate of Neoma Business School, Charles-Antoine began his career at KPMG in 2009. Then, he worked in a French SME to take care of management control before becoming Administrative and Financial Director of the French subsidiary of a Danish multinational. In 2020, he joined the BDL Capital Management teams as CFO.

Tamar Terzian

Employee since 2012

After a Degree in Accounting and Financial Studies, Tamar gained significant experience at the Degroof management company. She joined BDL Capital Management in July 2012 and looks after financial matters.

Nicolas Julia

Employee since 2016

A graduate of EM Strasbourg Business School, Nicolas first worked at PwC as a bank and insurance consultant, carrying out regulatory assignments for a large French bank. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2016 to strengthen the compliance and regulatory department.

Photo entreprise Jérémy Boullé
Jérémy Boullé

Employee since 2020

Graduated from Sciences Po Bordeaux in Applied Geo-Economics, Jeremy also obtained a master’s degre in Finance from ESCP EUROPE and a master's degree in Business Law from Paris I Pantheon La Sorbonne. After several experiences, including an internship at La Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, Jeremy started his career as an auditor with EY in the Assurance practise. He joined BDL Capital Management in 2020 to strengthen financial control and compliance functions

Office Manager

Valérie Schelcher

Employee since 2014

After many years in interior design and event management, Valérie joined BDL as Office Manager in 2014.

Ines Westelinck

Employee since 2020

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