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BDL Capital Management is an independent investment management company founded in 2005.

For the past 14 years, we have been managing the savings of institutional clients (insurance and mutual insurance companies, pension funds, etc.), private banks and wealth management advisors.

Investment in European equities is where we excel; our in-depth company analysis is how we stand out.

With 11 analysts and industry experts,we have one of the most extensive teams in Europe.

We manage 2 billion euros on three strategies:

  • Fundamental and ESG management, across BDL Rempart Europe and BDL Convictions– two funds that go back more than 10 years.
  • Quantamental management through Durandal.
  • SRI management with our fund BDL Transition, launched in 2019.

Our thoughts

Investing in companies is our reason for being. We share our expertise and thoughts in investment newsletters and articles. 

BDL Transition

BDL Transition

BDL Capital Management is launching the innovative BDL Transition fund, taking a responsible, asset-based approach to savings. The fund has obtained the SRI label. True to BDL’s core business of the last 14 years, the fund invests in European companies while hedging its positions to varying degrees. The selection of companies eligible for the BDL Transition fund is based on three key pillars: industry expertise, financial analysis and non- financial analysis. .

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Guide de l’investisseur

Investor's guide

Why have we produced an investor’s guide? For the past 14 years, we have been investing our client’s money, along with our own, in listed European companies. This alignment of interests shows a clear commitment and creates a heightened awareness of our responsibilities...

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Our investment vision

Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of good companies at the right price. A good company is one that grows sustainably in a manner that is profitable for its shareholders. Paying the right price means generating an attractive return on our investment.

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We share our expertise and thoughts on investment. Our priority is to have fellow investors with a long-term horizon, and who share our investment philosophy

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