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Investing in companies is our reason for being. We share our expertise and thoughts in investment newsletters and articles.

Our commitment


As the financial world is playing a key role in the emergence of a sustainable economy, BDL Capital Management uses an ESG framework in its fundamental analysis of companies.

A fourth industrial revolution has started in order to substitute fossil fuel energies with renewable energies that do not produce Green House Gas emissions (GHG emissions). This revolution has implications for all industries, changes consumers’ behaviours and put new requirements on providers of goods and services.

Cette révolution industrielle touche l’ensemble des secteurs de l’économie, change les pratiques des consommateurs, imposent de nouvelles exigences aux fournisseurs. Des investissements très importants en découlent et sont sources de risques et d’opportunités.

Companies need to adapt to continue to strive in this new world. 

Our proprietary ESG method, our ongoing discussions with companies’ management teams and our letters to CEO’s are initiatives that we take to help us select the companies that will strengthen their practices and contribute to the emergence of a more sustainable growth model.

To help us, we have signed partnerships with the following organizations :

We also support the below initiatives :

Helping change things is also about not investing in certain areas :

  • No financing of anti-personnel mines
  • No companies in the tobacco sector*
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to civil arms
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to coal
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to adult entertainment

* Responsible investment policy

Finally, building a more resilient world is also about reducing inequalities. BDL Management has set up the Rempart Foundation which donates to non profit organizations dedicated to help people with disabilities.

Association Clubhouse France : innovation pour l'insertion sociale et professionnelle des personnes vivant avec un trouble psychique

La classe soleil : une classe pour enfants autistes en maternelle à l’institution Saint Dominique à Neuilly sur Seine

ICAM insertion professionnelle : mission d’insertion professionnelle à Toulouse

Action Mama Africa : association visant à aider les enfants des rues et les familles des carrières de granit vivant dans des conditions extrêmement difficiles à Ouagadougou.

Les apprentis d’Auteuil : fondation reconnue d’utilité publique, les apprentis d’Auteuil s’engage et agit auprès des jeunes et des familles les plus fragiles.

La fondation avenir du patrimoine de Paris a pour vocation de restaurer et valoriser les églises de Paris et leurs chefs d’œuvre, aux côtés des pouvoirs publics.

Our investment vision

Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of good companies at the right price. A good company is one that grows sustainably in a manner that is profitable for its shareholders. Paying the right price means generating an attractive return on our investment.

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We share our expertise and thoughts on investment. Our priority is to have fellow investors with a long-term horizon, and who share our investment philosophy

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