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Our meetings with directors 

Visite de WPP

Visite de WPP

Nous sommes allés dans les locaux de WPP à Londres afin d’assister à leur journée investisseurs. Les différents managers ont présenté des études de cas montrant la capacité de WPP à répondre aux...

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Réunion Safilo à Milan le 11 décembre

Réunion Safilo à Milan le 11 décembre

Nous sommes allés à Milan pour participer à la réunion d’investisseurs de Safilo, le deuxième fabricant mondial de montures optiques. Cela été l’occasion pour son management de détailler son plan de...

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CMD Scout24

CMD Scout24

Nous avons participé au capital market day de Scout24 à Munich, leader du marché européen des annonces immobilières et automobiles en ligne. Scout24 a présenté sa stratégie de croissance centrée sur...

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Capital Markets day de Phoenix Group

Capital Markets day de Phoenix Group

Phoenix a présenté un update de sa stratégie lors de son Capital Markets Day en réitérant les messages clés à savoir un focus sur la génération de cash, la protection du dividende et la continuité...

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Our investment vision

Our goal is to build a diversified portfolio of good companies at the right price. A good company is one that grows sustainably in a manner that is profitable for its shareholders. Paying the right price means generating an attractive return on our investment.

Our ISR commitment

One of the purpose of BDL Capital Management is to support companies that show signs of a change towards more responsible practices. This transition will be gradual and uneven. Some companies are ahead, others are just starting to put new initiatives in place.

The impact of BDL Capital Management will be greater by supporting evolving companies rather than selecting only companies that are already considered the most ISR.

That's why we decided to support the initiative « Say on Climate ». This initiative brings together investors to encourage companies (through the vote on resolutions at general meetings) to be in line with TCFD and establish a CO2 emissions reduction plan.

Our proprietary ESG method, our ongoing discussions with companies’ management teams and our letters to CEO’s are initiatives that we take to help us select the companies that will strengthen their practices and contribute to the emergence of a more sustainable growth model.

Our exclusions

Making a difference also means refusing to invest in certain industries. BDL Capital Management funds agree to the following exclusions :

  • No financing of anti-personnel mines
  • No companies in the tobacco sector*
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to civil arms
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to coal
  • No companies with more than 25% of their revenues dedicated to adult entertainment

* Sustainable investment policy

Our partnerships


BDL Capital Management has been a PRI (Principles for responsible Investment) signatory since 2017.

Our QIRA method and our ESG approach are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals.


Our voting policy and our energy transition report uses the data provider ISS.

BDL Capital Management has been working with Sustainanalytics since 2018, a world leading provider of ESG data on thousands of companies.

Since 2019, BDL Capital Management has partnered with CDP, the world biggest NGO on disclosure of environmental information by listed companies.

As shareholders, we need information that is comparable across companies and industries. As a result, we support the TCFD initiative that issues recommendations about environmental disclosure.

We want companies to set ambitions goals to reduce their GHG emissions. More specifically we want these goals to be aligned with the goals of the 2015 Paris Agreements to limit the rise of world temperature to well below 2 degrees Celsius by 2050. Consequently, we support the Science Based Target initiative.


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