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BDL Capital Management launches the BDL Transition fund

BDL Capital Management is launching the innovative BDL Transition fund, taking a responsible, asset-based approach to savings. True to BDL’s core business of the last 14 years, the fund invests in European companies while hedging its positions to varying degrees. The selection of companies eligible for the BDL Transition fund is based on three key pillars: industry expertise, financial analysis and non- financial analysis .

With Employing 12 analysts and meeting 1500 companies each year,BDL Capital Management has some of the most extensive resources for analysing companies in Europe. “After months of research and development, we’ve created QIRA, a system for rating European companies by Environmental, Social and Governance criteria. QIRA is a decisive factor in the selection of companies in which the BDL Transition fund invests”, co-manager Jean Duchein explains. “Incorporating non-financial criteria into our investment choices is essential. The general wake-up call from environmental and societal challenges will lead to changes in how capital is allocated. Guided by enlightened governance, successful companies will be those able to take advantage of this new order. The aim of BDL Transition is to identify and invest in these companies.”  

The fund is co-managed by Jean Duchein and Laurent Chaudeurge.

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