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Dear fellow investors,

Launched on 6 May 2019, our BDL Transition fund is the first fund to be SRI-certified and use a market risk hedging strategy.

With BDL Transition, we want to invest in responsible European leaders while protecting the capital.

The fund’s investment committee is made up of: Hughes Beuzelin, Laurent Chaudeurge and Jean Duchein.

The SRI label means that investors have transparency over the fund’s investment process and external certification of the practices used to meet the socially responsible investment criteria laid down by the French Treasury.

To satisfy exclusion conditions, the BDL Transition fund does not invest in:

the arms or tobacco industries

European companies whose ESG score, based on Sustainanalytics ratings and BDL Capital Management analysis, is in the last quintile.

Companies are selected for the fund on the basis of research by BDL Capital Management’s 12-strong team of analysts. Non-financial analysis and our in-house QIRA (Quality Investing, Responsible Analysis) model are used to assess companies’ long-term sustainability. The aim is to hold around 30 companies that will become stronger and more sustainable over the next five to ten years.

As well as being demanding over the quality of selected companies, we maintain BDL’s discipline with the aim of creating an above-average quality portfolio at a reasonable price.

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