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since 10 years
Annualised performance: +9.6% at 18/07/2019

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.


BDL Convictions - C share class

ISIN code: FR0010651224


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European equity fund


UCITS V status


Bottom-up approach


Inception: 12/09/2008


Currency: euro


Custodian: CACEIS Investor Services


NAV calculation: daily



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BDL Convictions - I share class

ISIN Code: FR0013289535

Inception date: 06/11/2017

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BDL Convictions replicates the Long holdings from BDL Rempart Europe.

It ranks in the top 5% of the best European funds in its category for the last 10 years (from 20/03/2009 to 18/03/2019, Morningstar source, Europe Large Cap Blend Equity category). 


Why Convictions?

In 2008 we created the BDL Convictions fund. The BDL Capital Management team has been following the same investment philosophy for over 13 years: make money carefully.

BDL Convictions replicates the long holdings from our long/short fund, BDL Rempart Europe, which we launched in 2005.


Our investment strategy
Our 12 analysts scrutinise company accounts without any bias in terms of style, method or benchmark. We seek absolute, not relative, value.

Why have performances been so good?
The BDL Convictions fund greatly benefits from our Long/Short expertise. We are meticulous in our analysis of companies' business models, and invest in the best ones when they are at the right price. The portfolio is concentrated on our strongest long convictions: between 30 and 50 investments.

European equities account for at least 75% of the fund's net assets. The fund may hold cash when market conditions are deemed unfavourable.

Investors’ attention is drawn to the funds’ risk factors, in particular equity risk and the risk of capital loss.




BDL Convictions – c vs STOXX600 dividends reinvested

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Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Performance varies over time and is in no way guaranteed. Subscribers are invited to read the fund prospectuses and review the level of risk associated with their investment.