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Why have we produced an investors’ guide?

For the past 14 years, we have been investing our client’s money, along with our own, in listed European companies. This alignment of interests shows a clear commitment and creates a heightened awareness of our responsibilities.

The last 14 years have seen the deepest economic recession since 1930, the bankruptcy of Greece, and the near-collapse of the Eurozone. Despite this, we have grown the capital under our control by 52% through the BDL Rempart Europe fund and 152% through the BDL Convictions fund since their respective inceptions in 2005 and 2008. Over the long term, we are convinced that equities make the best investment.

For anyone who would like us to invest their capital, this guide answers the three biggest questions:

  1. In which legal structure will my money go into?
  2. How and when can I get my money back?
  3. Have I understood where my money is invested?

We will spend a lot of time explaining our investments, as this is what sets us apart. We want our clients to understand our rational, disciplined approach when they invest in our funds.

The BDL Capital Management team has invested a large portion of its own assets in the funds, and you enjoy the same terms when you invest alongside us.

Download : Investor's guide

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